Drug Report Team

At DrugReport, we are passionate about our mission to keep people safe from the potential risks of prescription drugs and medical devices. Our team of expert writers and outreach coordinators work together to deliver trusted, up-to-date information and spread awareness about problematic medicines and devices that affect people’s health.

Editorial Team

Teresa Stack Hunter

Teresa Stack Hunter is a former journalist turned content writer with two decades of experience. Her career began as a journalist in Washington, D.C. where she interviewed politicians on Capitol Hill and foreign dignitaries on Embassy Row. Teresa also worked at the Department of Treasury, where she served as the writer-editor for Under Secretary of Enforcement Ronald K. Noble, and his equally impressive replacement Under Secretary of Enforcement Raymond W. Kelly. As a freelance writer, she writes for clients across many sectors and also ghostwrites for clients in finance.

Amy Kronenberger

Amy M. Kronenberger is a journalist, blogger and freelance writer from Lima, Ohio. She has worked at The Daily Standard newspaper in Celina, Ohio, since 2010, having served six years as a reporter and four as copy editor. She also is the author of a health and wellness blog, Waiting for Alzheimer’s, and is passionate about helping others find complete health.


Eric Ridenour

Eric Ridenour’s journalism experience began in the 1990s. He was a contributing writer to various publications, investigating government waste and fraud while studying journalism at Citrus College in California. In 2002, he joined the staff of University Wire, or UWire, in Carlsbad, California, where he was an editor until 2010.


Elena Borrelli

Elena Borrelli is a certified physician assistant, or PA, with 18 years of experience in health care. She has worked 11 years as a PA in diverse clinical settings, including surgery, trauma, primary care, women’s health and quality management. Over the years, she has authored several publications and lectured on various health care-related topics.

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